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Couple to Couple League of Arkansas


Great one stop website for information about the risks of contraception, its link to abortion, as well as testimonials on sterilization reversals.  The organization offers a comprehensive online store including books, CDs, and pamphlets. 





Dr. Greg Popcak is a dynamic speaker and nationally recognized expert in Catholic pastoral counseling, especially in the areas of affective disorders (depression, anxiety) and marriage and family problems. He is also the author of seven books that integrate the faith with counseling psychology, and the co-host (along with his wife, Lisa) of a daily, nationally-syndicated Catholic radio broadcast, "Heart Mind & Strength."  One of Popcak’s lectures - “When NFP is Too Hard”, can be found at







The what and why of Catholic teaching regarding marriage, human sexuality and related areas; couples’ stories on the use of NFP, resources, and much more.                                                                                  






The sponsoring organization for CCL of Arkansas.  Information about NFP, register for an NFP classes, NFP home study course, finding an NFP teacher, NFP charting software, books and pamphlets, and podcasts from CCL conferences.